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Jordan Applegate has a diverse background that lends itself well to a variety of needs.  He has lived in numerous countries for a combined total of 4 years abroad while serving in the military.  During this time, he experienced being a minority and worked with people from a plurality of religious backgrounds.  In the counseling environment, he has worked with self-harming teens, couples in distress, and adult individuals with problems including anger, anxiety, depression, codependency, life stage challenges, hoarding, fear, religious concerns, and more.  Jordan also has a passion for career counseling with youth and adults alike.

During his undergraduate program, Jordan studied religion, primarily Christianity, and graduated cum laude.  For his graduate degree he studied family therapy and graduated with distinction.  He integrates these two fields adeptly to bring added benefit when working with people of faith.  Pastors and religious leaders seeking a professional to look to the needs of their congregants can rest easy, knowing that their flock will be guarded carefully.

Families and individuals seeking help will find Jordan to be a competent, respectful counselor.  He   At this time Jordan cannot take insurance.  Clients with certain niche needs may need to seek help from a counselor who has specialized training.  Examples include severe trauma and psychoses, such as schizophrenia.  If you would like to learn more, please send him an email via

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Currently, Jordan does not accept any insurance and is a private pay therapist.

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